If you got game, then go ahead—it’s game time!

As the online gaming community continues to grow and become more and more mainstream and even the number of casual gamers increasing exponentially, stunning graphics performance, advanced multimedia features, coupled with a contemporary design, are true must features for the 21st Century gaming desktop.

Fortunately, everyone’s gaming experience promises to be even better if it’s the Acer Predator G3620 desktop that you’ve got your hands on. With this unbelievable desktop in front of you for your gaming needs, then it’s absolutely gaming to the next level that you will get.  G3_01_newlogo

The Acer Predator G3620 is the newest and most advanced multimedia center that promises eye-catching performance and combines smart features and premium design. Bearing a 3rd-Generation Intel® Core™ i7-3770 processor with an Intel® B75 Express Chipset, you can only imagine the Acer Predator G3620’s awesome power as you are guaranteed smarter performance to take your gaming experience to a whole new realm.

Plus, the NVIDIA® GT645 graphics features embedded in it, watch and be stunned as your favorite games’ visual prowess come alive—as if you’re truly part of every bit of action that happens on screen. Processing a whole gamut of intricate and complex gaming detail is no problem either since the Acer Predator G3620 is equipped with 8GB DDR3 memory for faster processing—and out-of-this-world gaming performance every time, any time, or all the time.

Of course, the Acer Predator G3620, when not used for all-day, all-night gaming, is still a reliable and fully-functional desktop you can use for a variety of computing needs. Storing all your important and significant files will be a breeze because with a 1 Terabyte (1000GB), 7.2 RPM hard drive, you have a massive storage space for all your office-related documents like Word, Excel or PowerPoint files, your video presentations, plus your personal collection of music or movies you may want to watch alone, at the office or at home whenever you feel like having your “alone time” after a hard day’s work at the office.  G3_07_newlogo

Audio qualities of the Acer Predator G3620 is also no pushover as it supports high-definition audio with stereo support, Gigabit Ethernet for outstanding Internet connectivity any time of the day, a 16X DVD-Super Multi Drive for you to play your optical media-based files. The form-factor design of this computing beast is never compromised, the G-logo on the side that acts as an air-vent adds toughness to the look while its easy-to-use design allows maximum expandability and ergonomics.

Of course, there are the other standard input/output ports like two USB 2.0 ports at the front and four USB 2.0 ports at the back, headphone and microphone jacks, Ethernet port and HDMI port, and a Multi-in-1 media card reader to read a wide format of storage solutions.

So go ahead and try to get your hands on this new gaming device from Acer, with its powerful and remarkable features that will make your gaming experience more fluid and extraordinary.

Truly, the Acer Predator G3620 desktop is your new gaming companion that will make you ready for more gaming developments—now and in the future.

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