Still reeling from criticisms over its glitch-ridden Maps app, Apple Inc.’s newest operating system for mobile devices is hounded by a new problem: Wi-Fi connectivity.

The problem was immediately felt by owners of the iPhone 5 where iOS 6 comes pre-installed, tech site CNET reported Sunday (Manila time).

"The fallout is numerous forum discussions on Wi-Fi connectivity problems. For example, there are currently two major Wi-Fi threads (at least) in the Apple Support Communities," CNET’s Brooke Crothers said.
Others who may run into the Wi-Fi problem include users of iPhones and iPads who upgraded their operating systems to iOS 6.

CNET cited reports saying 60 percent of iPhone and about 40 percent of iPad owners have been upgrading to the new OS so far.

Crothers said even he was affected, as his iPhone 5 and Retina iPad do not work on some Wi-Fi networks.
"The only way I could quickly get my iPhone 5 and Retina iPad working on a Netgear Wi-Fi router was to downgrade the firmware. That worked but seemed like an odd solution," he said.

Other Wi-Fi mentioned in discussion forums included "persistently slow" Wi-Fi speeds, he added.
So far, CNET’s Crothers said Apple has officially kept mum on the issue.

"Looks like Apple has its damage-control work cut out for it," Crothers wrote. — LBG, GMA News

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