Keeping in touch with relatives and friends around the globe is easy – and free – with Skype. Now, you can also record conversations from within the app, so you can relive those precious moments when you share exciting news, or make sure you don’t forget those important details shared on a conference call.

We show you the simple steps to take if you want to record calls on Skype for desktop or mobile.

Let people know you’re recording
There are various legal entanglements when it comes to recording people. Usually, you’ll need their permission, but Skype has made this elementary by warning all parties whenever someone begins recording. This is a feature that can’t be disabled, so you’ll know that no-one is surreptitiously capturing any footage.

How to record Skype for desktop
Open Skype and begin a call. Once you’re connected you’ll see there are a few options along the lower right part of the screen. The farthest right is a + icon. Click this and you’ll see a menu appear, from which you’ll want to select Start Recording.

You’ll see a message along the top of the window letting you know that the recording is in progress (the call recipient will also see this). When you want to end the session, go up to the top-left corner and click Stop Recording.

When you’ve done this you’ll notice that the recording seems to have disappeared. To find it, click on the Chat icon in the bottom left of the screen (the one that looks like a speech bubble), then you’ll see the recording stored in the Chat stream.

Click the Play icon on the recording and you’ll be able to watch it again. To store the conversation, click on the three dots in the upper-right corner and select either the Save to Downloads or Save As… option.

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