Sir Chris is an excellent Project Manager back when I was under his team in our project for Uganda Telecom. Very understanding and hardworking person.
Richard Mendoza
Android Developer at eWise
Chris is keen on enabling process to drive automation. He has supported businesses to reach their potential.
Mel MigriƱo
Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer
Good Person. Very Hard working
Luis Roscales
Buffet Waiter at Alreem Village Hotel
Sir Chris Cubilla is a reliable and hardworking guy who pays high attention to every single detail when it comes to IT related factors in the IT sector of the company and it helps him to stand out from most other IT Managers in the IT industry. I highly recommend him to anyone. He can be a great asset to any company.
Michael Macaraeg
AP IT - Operations Specialist at Dimension Data Asia Pacific
Sir Chris was one of our good Project Managers handling projects for Etisalat (Foreign Accounts) and ABS CBN & Sky Cable (Local Accounts). He provided direction during the planning and prioritizing deliverables of the projects under his accounts. He is one of the best managers we have at Telecom Live Content, Inc.
Arrianne Barcena
Administrative Assistant at TELCOM LIVE CONTENT INC.
Chris Cubilla was with The Golden Legacy Financing Corporation as IT Manager. He was responsible in developing, managing and maintaining loan systems, overseeing the daily IT operation, software and hardware development requirements, recommends, preserves and implements the IT Policies of the Company. He was able to provide and establish software and network infrastructure of Provincial Branches, provide technical inputs on the loan system upgrade to a web-based ERP system and provide internal training terms of IT usage and policies. He has demonstrated the ability to plan and work with team members to resolve problems from the operation and to continue to run and deliver the service effectively. His strong interpersonal and communication skills allowed him to develop good working relationships with his subordinates and management.
Joy Angelica Rosimo
Internal Auditor
Chris was my supervisor and Program Manager while I was working as a Project Manager handling projects for Etisalat. He helped in providing direction during the planning and prioritizing deliverable for UAE and African clients. He is one of the most influential managers I worked with during my term at Telecom Live Content, Inc.
Alberto Reuben Reyes
Manager at Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company
Sir Chris is excellent on managing tasks as secretary of our organization. He helps coordinate communities and companies for different events and meetups. He represent the group for events like judging and selecting participants for an event.
Michael Lance Domagas
Developer and Programmer
I first met Sir Chris Cubilla in one the many IT events. He is a reliable and hardworking guy who pays high attention to every single detail when it comes to IT related factors specially in IT infrastructure of the company and it helps him to stand out from most other IT Managers in the IT industry. I highly recommend him to anyone. He can be a great asset to any company.
Christian Mercado
Jr. Network Admin at Finden Technologies Inc
Chris is one of the developers which I am happy & excited to work with. Being an email and web administrator, I often interact with Chris and his team throughout the project deployment cycle. I learned a lot on the side of application development. While working with Chris (from planning, development stage, UAT, Production and DR stage) I find him very committed and very detailed on all aspect of his project. I am still happy and excited to work with him if the opportunity arises.
Anthony Dayrit
I had a chance to work with Chris before and I know him as a trustworthy, dedicated and committed IT professional. Chris is an ideal IT warrior who knows what he's doing and easy to get along with.
John Doe
.NET Developer, SVP, Technology at BTIG
I'm highly recommend to his works and credibility.
Peter Paul Baltazar
Freelance Sports Photographer
Chris is a very hardworking, very diligent, always eager to learn and a pleasure to work with. Chris is definitely someone you can depend on in your team especially during crunch time; He is one of the best teammate and a good friend. Keep up the good work!
Christopher Sevilla
Desktop Support - Network - Server - Security
Mr. Chris Cubilla is a one of a kind. His dedication to Phil IT Org is very concrete. He can managed task at no time. Chris, keep up the good work!
Orlando Pasion, Jr.
IT Technical Support Engineer
Chris is very equip and sharp person..his professionalism differentiate his talent to other I.T person i have met.
Edgar Thomas Bartolome
Licensed Real Estate Broker at Spearhead Realty
Chris is an easy to get along with mate, that concentrates much in any task or schedules that you have assigned to him
Michelle Trono
Front-end Web Developer at VitaminSEO
"Reliable and Creative"
Evangeline Layug
Accounting Head at Roadmax Marketing Corporation
I worked with Chris in Trend Micro and he was an excellent engineer. He submitted requirements on times and facilitated required deliverable with no problems. He showed consistent excellence in everything he worked on and always communicated any issues he might have encountered. Chris is definitely someone you can count on in your team.
Peter Tongco
Portfolio Manager at Globe Telecom
Chris prioritizes work over anything. He is timid and simple, nice and accommodating.
Franshine (Chingcuanco) Velasco
Account Manager at PNI Management Philippines, Inc.
Chris Cubilla is a silent but hardworking office mate. Very technically adept.
Carolina Mayari
Change Management and Employee Engagement
Chris was a former consultant assigned to our client. He was proven to be hard working, professional and technically inclined, thus he was absorbed by the client.
Michelle Espiritu
I haven't worked with Chris directly. But on what I know, he is a very diligent and is very skilled in using web applications for .Net. He will definitely be an asset in any company he goes to. Keep up the good work, mate!
Elson Fausto
Senior Developer
Chris used to be one of my web developers and has been a diligent and supportive worker.
Benny Saret
Head of IT Service Delivery
I worked with Chris for 6 months at Trend Micro. His creative ideas and keen support to his teammates made him a valuable asset to the team.
Linus James Lainez
Senior Project Manager
Having not worked directly with Chris; all I can say is based on observation and being in close proximity to his seat location... He is a very dedicated individual and makes sure that he finishes the work on his plate even if it means that he extends his work time just to fulfill the work at hand. He's a very friendly individual with a creative talent on graphics and design.
Inocencio Pascua III
Chris has been known to be committed to delivering project on time. He has sense of commitment to performing his job well. Has good technical skills, likewise, can get along well with different levels of people.
Jennifer Castillo
APAC Headhunter
Chris is an employee who always follows directions, works independently and cooperative. He gets along with peers, management, and client. He has good grooming and hygiene, always on time to work and always have good attendance. He is doing his best work to accomplish tasks and provide solutions to the problem. He also has respect and courtesy to everyone and clean and organize in his work area. He can remain focused on tasks and complete work at hand. He is patient, flexible and cooperative and he can handle pressure well. He has drive, dedication and passion to what he is doing and has open mind for improvement.
Rizalyn Ogena
Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer
Chris is a very hardworking, always eager to learn and a pleasure to work with. He is one of the best teammate and a good friend. I highly appreciate how he deals with his colleagues as he treats them with respect. I recommend Chris to anyone who wish to have a good team player.
Johnny Poquiz
Integration Designer Consultant, MCSD
On nightshirts whenever I call him because of an application issue. He is always fast to answer the phone, even during holidays. This guy never sleeps and is always fast to provide a solution to the problem.
Henry Uy
API System Integration Analyst at Apple Singapore
Chris has been dedicated in his tasks. He's open-minded, flexible, adaptable and pro-active in his functional tasks as well as his strong advocacy with team work efforts. He has potential leadership qualities to lead a project, or even an upgrade improvement project for existing systems and procedures.
Edmundo Dennis Purugganan
Business & Finance Analysis Consultant on Intermittent Arrangement/Appointment-Engagement
Chris was a serious worker and often worked hard problems till they cracked. He was a valuable member of the team.
Jun Gelle
Operations Manager at GHL Philippines
I must say Chris has proven to be a very efficient self-starter and quick learner in my class. When it comes to work he is a team player who is always willing to help. Hard working.
Raul Alvarez
Senior Security Researcher/Trainer at Fortinet, DefCamp Ambassador
Chris can be counted on to accept a project and complete it according to plan.
Joseph Reynolds
CEO at jjrGroup
Chris has proven to be a very efficient self-starter and quick learner. During his stint as an Applications Engineer he was able to debug programs quickly as well show good web application development skills. It will always be an asset to have Chris as part of the team.
Dewey Go
Co-founder at
Chris is a hardworking application engineer.
Emzi Regala
APAC IT Business Partner and Japan IT Country Lead at Cardinal Health
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